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Terms and conditions


Event descriptions

These events are in the grounds of the venues and NOT on the race track itself.


Any information provided on the Bennett’s Rider Confidence Days is correct at the time of publishing or at the time of print, however the format, content and price may be subject to change. If such changes should occur Shires Motorcycle Training shall not be required to update any information holder. To get the up to date information about any of these event’s, please visit Shire’


Pictures and Imagery

All Pictures and Imagery are a representation of the event’s and are not to be taken as an exact specification. Certain locations and equipment are for promotion purposes only.


Venues and Location

In the event that a Rider Confidence Day has to be cancelled, an alternative date or location may be offered. If this is not suitable or cannot be provided, a full refund shall be given.


Session lengths

Any Session lengths and event times displayed for the course are approximate from the point of arrival to departure. On the occasion where the event format does need to be altered (incident delay etc.) you shall be notified as soon as possible. The delay time shall always be kept to a minimum and any further adjustments shall be confirmed as soon as it is viable.



Each event participant must be of a good standard of fitness and have good vision (with the correct glasses or contacts where necessary) to complete an intensive style course. In the event that health or fitness were to deteriorate during the Rider Confidence day, each participant shall be responsible for assessing their own ability to carry on UNLESS the Shire Motorcycle Training Personnel have reasonable doubt to believe that the participant is a danger to themselves or other participants. All participants must be a valid Motorcycle licence holder or have a valid CBT. Shires Motorcycle Training shall not provide refunds for participants who have failed to read and understand the requirements. Each participant shall be required to produce their licence (with CBT Certificate where necessary) on the day of the event. Anyone unable to produce their licence shall not be able to join the event and shall not be granted a refund. Each participant shall be required to bring their own Motorcycle and clothing (Helmet, Motorcycle Jacket, Motorcycle Gloves, Full coverage bottoms and Sturdy shoes with ankle coverage but not steel toe caps minimum) and are responsible for the upkeep and safety standard of this equipment. Any participant found to be riding without the correct equipment or legal standard of Motorcycle shall forfeit their course and shall not get a refund. Other rules and regulations shall be provided on the Registration form on the day and reiterated during the safety brief. Shires Motorcycle Training shall not refund any customer that is removed from the event for failing to abide by these rules.


The Weather

The Bennett’s Rider Confidence days are dependant on suitable weather conditions. If your course is cancelled or delayed due to the weather, prior to the course taking place, you shall be offered to rebook or an alternative date. If this is not a viable option, a full refund shall be issued. In the event the course is cancelled an email shall be sent to all participants. All courses will only be cancelled in severe weather conditions.


Booking and available dates

All Bennett’s Rider Confidence days are subject to availability. All available dates for the coming year are presented on the website and are non-negotiable. Spaces are limited however if you have a specific date that is fully booked, please call 01733 852882 and we shall try to accommodate however this isn’t a guaranteed place. To avoid disappointment, we would advise to book as early as possible. Please do not purchase a course for someone else unless you are certain they can attend that date as moving may not be a possibility and is subject to availability. Once you have booked you are bound to the Terms and conditions of the event and cancellations must be given at least two weeks prior to the course start date. Any courses cancelled after this time shall be non-refundable.  Once you have booked onto a course a confirmation email should be generated, if you fail to receive this please contact the course co-ordinator as soon as possible.


Late bookings

Customers can book onto courses up till close of business the day before however all bookings are subject to the terms and conditions. Any bookings taken the week prior to the event may receive their course information via phone call instead of the email that shall be issued closer to the event. Bookings made in the two weeks prior to the event will follow the same cancellation policy as all other courses and shall be non-refundable.



We welcome your feedback or any concerns you may have about the Rider Confidence Days. As calls are not recorded, all feedback must be submitted in writing via letter or email, so we have a copy of all correspondence. Should you have any concerns or complaints on the day, please bring them to the attention of the course co-ordinator as soon as possible so they have chance to try and rectify the issue. Should the concern or complaint involve another person or member of staff, please try to include names where viable or timing descriptions to allow us to handle the matter in the most professional manner. Should a complaint or concern be raised two weeks or more after the event, we are unlikely to take the matter further.  No Refund shall be given once you have participated in the course. All correspondence must be sent to the following:

Shires Motorcycle Training, Wheels Motorcycles, First Drove, Fengate, Peterborough, PE1 5BJ



Refunds and Cancellation

If an event is cancelled by any of the organisations involved in running these events and an alternative date or course is not suitable, a full refund shall be given however Shires Motorcycle Training or any other organisation shall not reimburse any expenses you may have occurred in relation the event being cancelled.  The Refund shall be issued within one week of the course date and you should allow 3-5 additional working days for the transfer to be processed. If you require to cancel your booking, two full week’s notice (before the course date) must be provided to gain your refund. Two weeks before the event course date, should you require to alter your booking, an amendment may be made but there shall be an admin charge of £30. Refunds within this time shall not be available. Should any participant not attend the event, no refund shall be given.

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